Anti-Fraud policy PDF Print

Due to frequent cases of credit card frauds, we check every order manually and very carefully before charging your credit card.

We do not accept e-mail addresses of free web-mail services (such as,, etc.). Please provide us with your work e-mail or e-mail address, given you by your Internet provider.

Phone Number
We do not accept mobile phone numbers and answering machines. Please specify your phone number (work or home) in international format (including country and region code). In case of a suspicious order, our representatives will contact you to ensure that you were the initiator of this order.

We are sorry for such harsh requirements, but it is an only way to avoid orders placed with stolen credit card numbers.


Mr.Skinner is now easier to use. Since all plug-ins use CustomUI module to display dialogs, all skins for all dialogs are stored in the same skin file now.

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