Ghost Installer Studio Enterprise Edition Features PDF Print
  • Supports the exchange of data with MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle database servers
  • Allows you to perform Internet Information Services configuration during setup runtime (it is possible to create IIS Virtual Folders with a wide variety of options as well as to install ISAPI filters)
  • Contains scripter plug-in, which enables you to use scripts, written on C++, Object Pascal, VBScript and JavaScript
  • Supports installation of .Net applications
  • Installs the required version of .Net Framework, Service Packs, J# Framework (WebDeployed installation of these packages supported)
  • Installs .Net assemblies, Visual Studio design-time components, calls installers from assemblies, generates native assemblies
  • RSA Serial number kit protects your installation with a strong encryption algorithm and keys as long as 4096 bits
  • Has the ability to create WebDeployed projects – a small initial installation file downloads the packages that contain components selected by the user
  • Provides for several locations for the same files - if the file is unavailable at the first location, it is downloaded from the second and so on
  • Features two web-deployment scenarios - the locations are either defined in the installation project, or a text file containing download locations can be downloaded from the server
  • Postman plug-in makes it possible to send GET/POST requests to web-server
  • Files, registry entries and shortcuts management tools
  • Custom User Interface
  • Skinned installation interface
  • Splitting setup files for floppies, LS_ZIP, etc.
  • Creates installation CDs so that files are not packed and the deployed software can read them later from the CD
  • Makes multi-component installations, and end-user installs only those features that he or she needs
  • Installs for All users/Current user
  • Installs custom files for each Windows Platform/Version
  • Runs third-party installations before/after installations
  • Creates conditions and scripts using functions and variables
  • Shows bill boards during installation
  • Creates single-file installations
  • Contains a wide variety of wizards to make deployment easier
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RSA Serial Number Kit (Professional and Enterprise Editions) protects your installation from unauthorized copying and installing. Each user has his own key, so that every key can be tracked.

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