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Ghost Installer is a flexible deployment tool, suitable to solve virtually any installation task. Using the new Custom User Interface feature, you can create installation dialogs the way you desire them to be. With Ghost Installer it is possible to perform numerous custom actions and to create scripts that can fulfill almost any software deployment goal. The process of checking registry values and writing configuration files depending on the choices a user makes, is one of many features that give you hands-on control of the installation.

The improved Mr. Skinner tool can now dress up customized dialogs, creating a more appealing look for your installation. Ghost Installer features one of the fastest and most effective compression methods, providing for a faster installation start and a small installation size.

Ghost Installer's famous convenient user interface makes it easy to create even the most complex installations. If you are new to Ghost Installer and you need a simple yet reliable installation, Ghost Installers wide variety of wizards will aid you in the process.

Ghost Installer supports various technologies such as Web-deploying, deploying .Net applications and assemblies, MDAC, Java, BDE, and so on.

Ghost Installer is available in Free and Commercial editions.

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Distribution made easy
Powerful dialogs editor
User friendly

Splitting setup files for floppies, LS_ZIP, etc.
Creating installation CDs, so the files are not packed, deployed software can read them from CD later

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Full set of controls plus scripting actions for various control events enables you to create complex dialogs and extend functionality of your installations.

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User-friendly interface makes creating installations easier than ever! Full set of Wizards, makes it possible to create a powerful and reliable installation within single clicks!

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Dress up your windows!
Protect your installations

Add bright paints to your installation - dress up your dialogs with new skins! Unique skinning technology makes it possible to skin any installation window and your product will have unique deployment system.

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Protect your intellectual property! Make your installation be an inaccessible fortress, distribute individual keys for every user. Keys expiration, blacklist and other functions are available.

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Save traffic for your web-site and reduce download time for user, since the user doesn't download the whole installation pack with options he doesn't need. After the packages are downloaded, the installer doesn't download those files again.

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Custom User Insterface is now inscluded in all commercial editions. This tool makes it easy to edit any installation dialog (including modal dialogs).

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